If you have 10 minutes to pray, spend 9 minutes worshiping and 1 minute praying. I don't recall where I heard this, but it has revolutionized my prayer life. Of course the main reason to worship the Lord is because He deserves it, but the following are a few other reasons to make worship a priority in your prayer life. When you worship:

  • It puts God in His rightful place in your heart. Especially in our technologically advanced culture, our minds are so full of stuff. From TV, Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., there is so much to fill our time and thoughts. If you aren't careful these things can get in the way of your relationship with God.
  • It helps you to see from God's perspective. When you give God more space in your heart and mind, you realize that your problems are so small to Him. Many times this is where you find that peace that passes understanding, because you realize that God is in control and that he has the bigger picture.
  • It brings you to a place of rest in your circumstances. When you find peace in your troubles, you also find rest in the Lord. When you worship, you are telling God that you trust him regardless of how you feel.
  • It opens the door for faith. When God gets bigger in your life, when you begin to see from His perspective and when you find rest in your troubles, your faith will increase. Your trust breeds faith, and faith breeds action. This is where you find breakthrough.

So don't forget to worship the Lord and then pray prayers that move mountains.