"And Jesus said to her, “neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”  - John 8:11

How many times do we make mistakes and try to suppress them as though they did not happen? We want a sin habit to just go away, so we do everything we can to put it aside. Yet by doing this we are running away from the very thing we need. We must learn to admit sin when it surfaces and then take it to Jesus.

The woman caught in adultery came to the place where her sin was able to surface, and it was this very place where Jesus met her with redemption. This is the place where dependency upon Jesus is found. Sin will never simply go away. We must realize that we live in a carnal world and that we desperately need Jesus, the only true cleanser of our sins.

(This devo was published in MORE: A Compilation of Revelations, by Michael Rivera, Liz Reed, Ben Striker and myself)