So I'm sitting on the couch with my wife and dog last Sunday afternoon at about 3:30pm. We had a busy day at church, I'm checking my fantasy football team, "Fleur de Brees," and I'm having a great week! Tina and I are planning out the rest of our day, and I don't think we even got past taking our dog to the park when the phone rings. I immediately knew what Taka was going to say... Our church just finished Love Week, as a part of our Love+Works series ( We gave hours of our time last week to be a blessing to our community. But when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, our Love+Works campaign became much more than a one week Rockford only service project. So our church teamed up with the NYC Dream Center and we pledged to send a truck full of supplies to help with the relief efforts. Long story short...

Taka: "Hey dude, we don't have room in the truck for all the donations, so we decided to rent a trailer and tow it behind the Focus One excursion. Think you can clear your schedule for the next couple of days and drive it to NYC?"

Jeremy: (thinking: YES!!) "Um, let me check really quick and get back to you."

5 minutes later...

Jeremy: "Hey man, yea I'm in. When do we leave?"

Taka: "5:00 pm. Get here asap!"

So I hopped in the Focus One excursion and we took a 26' truck and a U-Haul trailer full of supplies all the way to Rockaway Blvd. on Long Island.

I'd never been to NY so it was exciting, but we arrived as the sun was going down and we left before it came up. We didn't see much of the city and I didn't get on TV. We didn't even get to hand out any of the supplies to the people. We didn't get the thank you's and we didn't see any of the devastation that was the reason we came.

It wasn't glamorous.

But it made a difference. Pastor Jer recently said, "Do for one what you wish you could do for millions." That's what we did, and for that reason, it was awesome!