"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations...” — Matthew 18:19

Wow! What an incredible, crazy, stressful, fast and fulfilling year it has been! Through all the hard work and ups and downs, we've made it through our first year on staff at Focus One. There's nothing like seeing the life-change that this program produces in these students, who gave a year of their lives to the Lord. It truly makes it all worth it.

Even though this has been such an incredible year and we've already put a lot of work into welcoming the next class of students to Focus One, it turns out that God is changing our plans once again. Don't worry, Focus One is still happening and it will be another great year! But through different circumstances and through the Lord's leading, I will no longer be working with Focus One this year. While I am so sad to leave such an amazing team, what's so exciting about this is that Tina and I have finally felt the release to pursue our life-long dreams of becoming foreign missionaries!

We knew from the beginning that our time at Focus One was limited (just not how long) and that this was the next step for us. There's really no way that we could have put enough time and energy into pursuing this goal being so involved in a program like Focus One. And once again we come back to this: When God calls we answer. No matter how crazy it sounds or how hard it may seem, we know the Lord will provide for us and will equip us for what He's called us to.

At this point we don't know where the Lord is calling us, but we are going to start that process. The time has come to send in our applications and begin to seek out the Lord's plans. If you can, please remember us in your prayers. And don't forget to subscribe to our blog and check back for updates on what the Lord is doing.

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