Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better. –Albert Einstein

As you know by now, things are changing for us around here! We decided to take advantage of the change in our schedules to get away for a little while. One of our passions is traveling – and who doesn’t love a good road trip?? We loaded up the car and headed west, with some vague plans along our route and every intention of enjoying the open road!

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Sometimes you just need to get away! It’s good for the soul—something about stepping out of your circumstances to see them from a different perspective. I needed this trip. Spending time as a family without much of an agenda, exploring the country and dreaming new dreams! It’s like pressing a reset button. It also gave me the chance to enjoy my husband in his element. I love how relaxed he is out in the wild. ☺

Here are some of our favorite photos from along the way…

Getting Away<Click to Enlarge>