I guess it was a few months ago. I picked up my old faux leather New King James Spirit Filled Life Bible just to flip through the pages a bit. You know, for the sake of nostalgia. It was incredibly refreshing to read all of the highlights and notes in the margins. So refreshing, in fact, that I could hardly put it down.

This made me stop and think. Why does this feel so fulfilling? It's not like I've neglected to read the bible in recent weeks or months. I'm a regular YouVersion user, with badges and achievements to boot. But I began to see something that I was missing here. I can recall countless days where I'd read a chapter or two on my iPhone or iPad just so I wouldn't have to use the "Catch Me Up" function on YouVersion. I wasn't doing word or topic studies, I wasn't using cross references or really digging into the Word. I was simply reading the Bible like I read the Hunger Games on my Kindle...flying through to the end at light speed, munching on Cheez-Its all the way.

Why did this happen? How did the Bible end up on my chore list? Is it because my paper bible is living and active and my iPhone bible is simply electrical? No, I don't think it's that. I believe the Word of God is living and active, not the paper. So what is it?

I recently deleted as many apps off of my iPhone as I could without removing the things that make it a wonderful tool when I'm out and about -- maps, weather, urbanspoon, etc. I did this because I was always so distracted and disconnected from what was going on around me. I didn't talk to people as much or watch the birds fly or whatever else I missed. I was constantly pulled into some social media or news app or gaming experience when there was so much going on around me.

The point is, our little devices are causing a kind of self-inflicted ADD. Even when I'm reading the Bible or doing something productive on my iPhone I'm constantly tempted to switch over to whatever app is nagging at my attention span.

The Word of God deserves a special place in my life. Not on my kindle, not with my Cheez-Its, not at light speed. And after a month back with my paper Bible, it appears to be the only fool proof way for me. So that's it, I've gone back to paper...and it's awesome!

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