Indonesia has over 220 Unreached People Groups, which encompass about 150 million people that have little to no access to the Gospel. Just imagine going your entire life without ever meeting a Christian, seeing a church or even hearing the name of Jesus. The reality is that many of them are unreached simply because they are hard to reach—they're closed to outsiders or live in remote areas. We won't be able to get the Gospel to these people unless we start with prayer. This is what we've realized...if we’re not praying for these people, no one is.

That’s why this year we’re launching our #ADOPTaUPG campaign. We’ve been handing out prayer cards and asking people to pray for our family. We’re also asking if you would adopt one of the top 10 unreached people groups in Indonesia. Each of our prayer cards has a different one of these groups and includes some information about how you can pray for them (also listed below). Please pray for our family, but when you do would you commit to praying for these UPGs as well? Only through prayer will we be able to lay the foundation for these unreached areas to be reached with the Good News of Jesus!

Click on the image for more information about each people group at joshuaproject.net.